Support Packages
We offer various support packages to suit the size and individual requirements of your business. We are able to offer support with or without a contract and all our packages are flexible, so we can accommodate any specific requirements you may have.
Basic Support
Support without a contract
These support options cater for very small or new businesses that do not want to be tied into a contract, or do not know how much support they will require every month. Support is pre-purchased in blocks of time, and the more blocks you purchase, the more cost effective it becomes. Each block equates to 12 minutes of time or part thereof, and therefore 5 blocks make up 1 hour of support which can be provided either on the phone, remotely, onsite or a combination. Support can be provided outside normal business hours at a cost of 2 blocks per 12 minutes (10 blocks per hour). If you have credit left at your renewal date, we will simply roll the credit over to the next year so you never lose out.
Contract Support
Premium IT support for your business
These support packages provide a range of services to provide complete IT cover for your business. You may not have a server, or you may have 20, either way, we have a support package that will ensure your IT equipment is regularly maintained and looked after so you can remain focussed on your business. If you have a specific requirement, please contact us and we can create a package that fits.
“As a software development company, reliable systems are critical to our daily operation and support of our customers. I have been impressed with Amasys in their approach to support, and willingness to go the extra mile”  
Tim Roots, Director, Parago Software Ltd.